NEW! COMPETITION Enhanced Performance Series Crank Beam

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The Performance Series Competition Crank Beam, an Spieth America exclusive, is the only one of its kind in the world and is an excellent training & competition beam.

The crank beam offers continuous height adjustment from 65cm (25 1/2”) to 132cm (52”). Angled legs keep base firmly on the floor at lowest setting, even over 20cm mats.

Designed to FIG, USAG, NCAA, NFHS, and AAU dimensional specs.

4“ W x 16’ L
ITEM NO: 5121-120
"The first time I ever worked out on the SA Canadian Crank beam was at a camp less than a year ago. It has become my favorite beam for many reasons. I love that I can simply raise and lower the beam by just cranking it. I also love the fact that this beam has a lot of grip to it. It is also very well padded and springy. These are all important factors to me that really help with my success in training and competing."

-  Kyla Ross, 2012 US Olympic Team Gold Medalist and 2013 World Championships all-around, uneven bars and balance beam silver medalist
Shipping Dimensions
Freight Dimensions:  2 @ 50" x 54" x 12.5" + 204"  x14" x 8"
US Freight Class:  125 & 85
LBS:   385
DIM:   400
T/C:      T