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Rebound Bungee Cord Rebound Products has customized our bungee cord to stretch at a ratio of 2.2:1. This is a significantly more than typical cord. Therefore, you can buy less cord to do the job, and athletes will continue to be supported closer to the ceiling. This is particularly important in gyms were a narrow set up is needed. Narrow set ups are a common problem with two-point bungee systems. The cord is 8mm in diameter. Setting up a system with multiple cords gives a choice of how many cords are used. Consequently, athletes of all weights can get the proper degree of lift. We also use this cord to support the beds on our end decks and for the ends of our DMT. Available Sizing Options: • RB Bungee cord- 262 ft spool [DR-289Bung] • RB Bungee cord- per foot [DR-Bungperft]- Call for pricing ITEM NO: DR-289Bung


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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